Cuddle & Bounce (0 to 1 year) - Baby music class

When a baby is born and so is the parent.

We help parents to bond with their babies through music, providing skills that you can bring home to soothe your baby and to make your day easier.
In our home materials, you’ll find heaps of baby songs and games that you can use for daily routines or ease your transitions. A lullaby will become a beautiful ritual before nap time. In baby music class, you’ll get to babble, hum, and dance together–all key ingredients in your baby’s development of early social skills.

Our baby music class has also become a place where parents connect with each other and make new friends.
It’s never too early to give your baby a musical start. Let’s use music to create magical moments and glimpse into their developing mind!

Timetable      Introductory class

” At first I wasn’t sure if my son was not too young to learn music.
But after a couple of classes, I was amazed by his enjoyment and natural interpretation of music. He loves bopping away to the beats and I enjoy our moment together. Kindermusik is a great investment for my child.”