Laugh & Learn (Preschooler – ages 3’s & 4’s)

Imaginative & Creative


We take your preschooler on an incredible musical journey – a journey that is limited only by the power of the imagination.

In this class, your child will sing, listen, experiment, play, and dance. He’ll move his arms, legs, fingers, and toes by tapping, clapping, hopping, moving fast, moving slow, and more. While early musical concepts are being introduced, their independence and social emotional skills are being fostered.

You’ll join in the fun for the last 15 minutes of each class to watch your child’s creativity blossom and share valuable together time.

Kindermusik home materials are also included to let you continue the learning and fun at home.

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” My 3-year old now can clap a beat in time (mostly!) and sing (some of it is even in tune!). She loves the classes and happily joins in all the activities. What more could a parent want in an early childhood music program?”